Lowercase p, dangit!

Wordpress, Wordpress, Wordpress!

Last week I released Machete 2.0.2 appart from som minor cosmetic changes, it now includes the option to remove 'capital_P_dangit'

The 'capital_P_dangit' is a small piece of code that was added to the WordPress core just before WordPress 3.0 was released. It changes all instances of “Wordpress” (notice the lowercase “p”) to “WordPress” in areas where content is shown on the site.

The code, written by Matt Mullenweg himself, was committed to WordPress without a Trac ticket, so it wasn’t left open to community discussion beforehand.

Machete 2.0.2 changelog:

  • Added an option to remove the capital_P_dangit filter
  • Fixed the mobile styles of the admin tabs
  • Switched the welcome check from a transient to an option saving 3 queries from each admin pageload
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